Barnett – Precision Crossbows Designed and Manufactured by Hunters for Hunters.
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The RC-150 is truly unique in that it is widely regarded as the perfect crossbow for every situation, powerful and accurate enough to satisfy the needs of the most experienced of hunters while being easily accessible to the humble target practice beginner!

Hunters who need a crossbow with an adjustable rear stock, or a hunter who would rather carry a mere 5.7 pounds of crossbow will favor the RC-150 for any hunting trip. The traditional, proven straight limbs combined with the “Veloci-Speed” wheel, synthetic cable and string sytem provide up to 260 feet per second of hunting or target practice power! This super lightweight crossbow is supported by a sturdy molded grip allowing the user to get a firm yet comfortable firing position.

Weight: 5.7 bs
FPS: 260
Power stroke: 9.5 "
Draw weight: 150
Energy: 75 ft. lbs
Length: 33.5 "
Width: 25.5 "
String length: 35 "
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